Unlike collegiate or gallery residencies that operate within the structure and stricture of those prescribed spaces and audiences, the public realm presents many unique challenges including, but not limited to: responsibilities to multiple audiences simultaneously, community place keeping and empowerment, space and environment, and the many components of the civic system including permitting, ordinances, and governmental offices.

The program seeks qualified respondents in the following areas:

  • Scholar-in-Residence
  • Curator-in-Residence
  • Artist-in-Residence

Each resident position will be eligible for a $15,000 stipend for a six-month residency term.

Timelines and deliverables are specific to each residency.


Full details for each residency, requirements, and submission process can be found in the call for applications. The scope of each residency is summarized below:

  • Scholar-in-Residence – The Atlanta BeltLine Scholar-in-Residence will produce a body of work to include a peer-reviewed academic white paper and a public presentation of their research findings. The Scholar will contribute to Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.’s (ABI’s) ongoing mission of equity, access, and inclusion by engaging in a thorough analysis of those topics as they relate to the city of Atlanta.
  • Curator-in-Residence – Specific to the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine annual exhibition, the Curator-in-Residence will work with the ABI Arts & Culture, Community Engagement, and Communications teams to engage and publicize the body of work for exhibition on the Atlanta BeltLine.
  • Artist–in-Residence – The Artist-in-Residence will develop a portfolio of work, culminating in a solo exhibition that will showcase the various sections of the Atlanta BeltLine corridor. ABI will retain the rights to at least one piece for its long-term foundational collection.